Understanding Tattoo Removal

Understanding Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal involves getting rid of or covering up a tattoo otherwise considered to be permanent. The most common method has become via laser treatment where the ink pigmentation making up the tattoo is broken down in smaller particles through application of wavelengths of the laser light on the tattooed area. Different wavelengths of light intensity are applied depending on how far the tattoo goes. The smaller particles are then fought off by the body’s immune system and later flushed out of the body.

Laser tattoo removal has been a reliable method being the most common and preferred in the 21st century. Tattoos with darker colors like blacks and blues are easier to remove with laser treatment compared to brighter colors like yellows, greens or reds because the darker colors fall within the spectral density of the laser light unlike brighter colors which fall further away.

Laser tattoo removal can be a little bit uncomfortable because it is not a painless procedure. It is said to feel like having an elastic band stretched and then released on your skin. With that in mind, it doesn’t feel like such a painful procedure but if you still have your doubts, there are numbing creams available for application before starting the treatment making the discomfort manageable.

Tattoo removal through laser treatment takes several sessions which are performed at given intervals of between six and eight weeks depending on your complexion. This time period is recommended to give the skin enough time to heal before the next treatment appointment.

A type of laser tattoo removal that we’ll cover here is eyebrow tattoo removal also known as cosmetic tattoo removal.
Eyebrow tattoo removal is a simple procedure that takes between 1 and 5 sessions to remove with the exact period of time depending on individual factors just like for any other tattoo.

While undergoing the sessions of tattoo removal, you should take note of the following tips to help in making the process easier;

Skin may develop a rash and turn red due to inflammation. Applying a pack of ice to the affected area helps.
Skin will be more sensitive to sun and avoiding direct sunlight is advised as well as applying a generous amount of sunscreen.

As treatment continues, your skin may bleed a little bit before scabbing over several days. Applying Aloe Vera gel and petroleum jelly may help in such an instance.

Avoid application of perfumed products or soap on the area for the first few days.

Avoid strenuous activities for a couple of days.

Of course the question that everyone considering tattoo removal asks is how much the procedure costs. Well, the fact is that, removing a tattoo costs a few times more what it cost to get a tattoo drawn. In the UK to have a small tattoo removed costs anything from £150 while a large tattoo has prices ranging from £800.
With all this considered, it remains a personal choice to be made.

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