Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Over time, we consider a clean skin as maturity. So, we want to wipe the tattoo on the skin. Sometimes, we just want to replace the drawing with something more simple or classic. So the question comes, how do I remove a tattoo from my body?

Even if permanent, can a tattoo be removed from the body?

Tattoos are customized designs done on a body with a ink from a tattooing machine. So, tattoo removal would be the removal of this ink marks on the body. Traditionally, a tattoo is removed by microdermabrasion, and in later years, dermabrasion became the newest order.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that is done by non-physicians, untrained people. It involves the use of direct hard abrasives to scrub off a tattoo on the skin layer. This process is usually painful.

Dermabrasion is a more developed and contained process that uses an abrasion that wears away the layer of the skin that bears the tattoo. The materials used for this process usually include sea salt crystals, sterilized sandpaper, wire brushes, diamond fraise, etc. This procedure is cosmetic, and it includes the use of anaesthetics. It is practised by certified practitioners, cosmetologists, reasonably. It is done with an anaesthetic to cut low of the impact of the pain while operating, since the process is surgical. There could bleeding, though minor. The bleeding is because the top to the deeper part of the epidermis is peeled in this process.

The Laser Tattoo Removal: This is called the non-invasive tattoo removal because it does not require burning or peeling the depth of the skin to get a tattoo cleaned out. It is done by using Q-switched lasers. This method effectively removes ink of various colours from the top layer of the skin.

The Mechanism of the process works such that the laser removes the ink like a natural fading away of dead cells from the layer of the skin.

A tattoo is considered permanent because several bits and thousands of it are left in suspended on the pigment of the skin. So, when natural exfoliation happens, and foreign particles and dirt are removed, the inks are not removed easily, they overlap. The laser tattoo removal is a is a photomechanical process.

The colour of the light penetrates deep into the skin to reach the tattoo pigment.

The laser light should be able to absorb a tattoo pigment. The type of pigment used is what determines the laser colour to be considered.

Removal of an Eyeliner Tattoo:

An eyeliner Tattoo is a pigment added to the lines above or below the eyes. They are added for various purposes, hich broadly include fashion and fun. The eyeliner tattoo can also be removed by the Laser tattoo removal too. This process has side effects and should be done only by a dermatologist or laser surgery specialist. The laser preferable to remove an eye tattoo is a Yg-laser or a Q-switched Ruby laser.

The cost of Tattoo Removal (in the UK)

In the UK, considering private tattoo removal sessions, a budget around £200 should be made for a small portion of a tattoo. Around £800 should be prepared to for larger bits.


Because the colour pigments used in brandishing a tattoo are thousands of particles, they aren’t removed easily. It might take repeated laser sessions to get them totally wiped out. Laser tattoo removal is the surest and the most advanced tattoo removal process.

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